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I booked my upcoming flights to the US through one of their deals and I could not be happier. Iā€™m now looking out for flights to New York next May. I know they will come up sooner or later. I love the I Know The Pilot Melbourne deals and they look just as good from everywhere else. Sharon Gourlay https://simplerandsmarter.com.au/i-know-the-pilot-review/
I'm in Vietnam right now from a deal on this page, went to Bali in Feb & booked the Darwin flights advertised here on Thursday last week. Definitely legit Ian Brooks Facebook
$129 return flights Townsville to Bali... BEST deal (and holiday) ever! Mellissa Grigg Facebook
I Know The Pilot does a great job of finding cheap flights in your local region. The reason I also use I Know The Pilot is that they are fantastic for alerting me whenever one of the budget Australian airlines are having a sale. Think cheap domestic fares with Tigerair, Jetstar and even internationally with Qantas and Scoot too. Nick Papadatos https://livingtoroam.com/cheap-flights-guide
Cheapest flight I've gotten was $50 each way on Melbourne to Perth, dying to find another sale like that but wouldn't have found it without you guys!! Crystal Tsallis Facebook
Awesome legit website - scored some incredibly cheap flights to Philippines - thank you guys keep it up šŸ˜€ Russ Piata Short Facebook
$250 return ticket perth to Seoul on Singapore airline was once in a lifetime deal. Good job guys Sachin Dev Facebook
Melb to ak (nz) $184 return. Legend Jo Dodunski Facebook
You guys got my parents over to Finland for the first time in 30 years! ā¤ļøšŸ‡«šŸ‡®šŸ‘šŸ™ Fizzy Barnabas Facebook

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